Lay and Ordained Team Ministry

St James Episcopal Church, Marshall in southwest Minnesota is a small rural Shared Ministry parish, a congregation where everyone in the parish family is given the opportunity to find and do the ministry to which God is calling them.

The call to local lay and ordained ministry is led by a Commissioned and Ordained Team that provides a sharing and caring leadership that Welcomes All to the Table. 

The Commissioned and Ordained Team 

Coleen Tully Priest, Catechist and Recovery Services


                                                 Marilyn Leach Priest and Music & Liturgy

Dawnlynn Greeney, Deacon

Susan Fritz, ™ Administrator 

 Mike Martin, Evangelist

  Sally Tully, Intercessor.  May she rest in Peace

Lay Ministry


BC Franson, Sr. Warden

Bruce Louwagie, Jr. Warden

Shannen Louwagie

Gary Fritz

Adam Pearson, Treasurer

Diocesan Delegates

Charlotte Wendel

Laura Mueller, alternate

Youth Group

Charlotte Wendel and BC Franson, Leaders

Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

Men of St. James (MOSJ)

Sunday School

On hold 

Altar Guild

Susan Fritz

St. James Choir & Youth Tone Chime Choir

Marilyn Leach, Coordinator

 Lay Ministry

Lectors reading the Lessons

Acolytes Youth and Adult

Licensed Lay Ministry 

Worship Leaders leading Morning Prayer

Eucharistic Visitors visiting those unable to attend services

Eucharistic Ministers (Chalice Bearers)